Bike Lockers

Transit-accessible Bike lockers are available at Knoxville Station. This location is the central transfer point forĀ Knoxville Area Transit.

To rent a bicycle locker on a quarterly basis, the user must fill out an application form and pay a $50 refundable key and security deposit. This deposit will be returned after the key is returned and the locker has been inspected.


  • Bike lockers are only to be used for securing a bicycle and related equipment while commuting to work or school. We reserve the right to open and inspect the locker and the contents thereof at any time without prior notice under the following circumstances: in any emergency; to determine whether a health or safety hazard exists; or to determine whether any term of the rental agreement is being violated.
  • The occupier should ensure the inside of the bicycle locker is kept free of litter and debris.
  • We and any facility at which the lockers are located are not responsible for any injury or fire, theft, loss or damage to the vehicle or any other article left in the locker.
  • Should the locker user not comply with any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to terminate the rights of the user at any time, remove the contents to storage where it will be held until collected or disposed of.

Bike Locker Rental Form

A bicycle locker or bike box is a locker or box in which a single bicycle can be placed and locked in. Bike boxes are considered the highest standard of bike security because they prevent not only theft, but also casual vandalism.