Here to Help

Are the rules of the road a little fuzzy? Need a safety issue cleared up? Our ambassadors are here to help

Our Community Bicycling Experts

Bicycling Ambassadors encourage bicyclists to ride more often and more safely, and educate motorists on the rules of the road.

Ambassadors provide information on bike safety, sharing the road, and how to bike to work and school. Ambassadors staff a booth at community events and festivals. They encourage safe bicycling by asking people to take the I Bike KNX safe biking pledge. You can take the I Bike KNX pledge online!

Ambassadors also present on sharing the road with bicyclists to every high school drivers education class in the region. 

Email  to request an Ambassador at your event. 

Want to share your love of bicycling? Becoming a Bicycling Ambassador is a great way to relate what you’ve learned and promote bicycling in Knoxville and surrounding communities.