Bicycle Commuting

Thinking of biking to work or school? We’ll help you get started!

Tips and Assistance

Thinking of biking to work or school? Check out Getting There by Bicycle for tips to get you started.

You can start as a fair weather bike commuter. Even if you only ride in good weather, you’ll still make save money on gas and improve your health.

And you’ll probably find yourself wanting to bike every day!

Just about any bike in good condition will be suitable for bicycle commuting, depending on your personal needs. You may want to use the one you have until you decide if you’re going to be bike commuting a lot. But the right bike can make your commute a lot more comfortable!

Do you want some help finding the best route to your office or college?  Just send us an email and let us know where you’re starting and where you want to get to, and we’ll send some suggested routes. We can even find an experienced bike commuter to ride with you on a weekend or evening to try out the route.

And, once you’ve started biking to work or school, make sure to join Smart Trips and start logging those bike commutes! You’ll be eligible to win some great prizes each quarter! (If you carpool or take the bus, those commutes count, too!)