Try The New I Bike Knx App

The new I Bike KNX smart phone app, developed by Civil and Engineering researchers at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, aims to improve bicycling safety. The app uses your phone’s GPS to record your routes, allowing City of Knoxville staff to know which routes bicyclists prefer. The app also allows users to report problems along their route such as potholes, loose dogs, etc. (although calling 311 to report problems will still get a more immediate response).

“I think this app will allow us to fine tune what projects we do and in what order. If bicyclists would just use it once during their commute in a month, we would have enough information to be valuable right away,” said Jon Livengood, Knoxville’s alternative transportation engineer. “We’re really hoping commuters and people who run errands by bike will use it, and we can see the routes they’re taking and what obstacles they have.”

Download the Android App here:

And the iOS App here: