Bike Month

May is for Bikes

May! A month when we encourage everyone to rediscover the sheer, simple joys that come from riding bicycles. Bike Month motivates new riders and inspires experienced bicyclists.

Half of people in the U.S. ride a bicycle every week in the summer months. Some of us bike hundreds of miles on major roads, many pedal through neighborhoods and on local roads, and others roll on trails and greenways. No matter what kind of bike you ride, or how far you go, we can all appreciate the benefits of bicycling.

2019 Events

Join the movement! There are lots of ways that you can participate.


A variety of bike-related events are happening! Click for more info.


You can find all kinds of group rides, from casual to racing. Click for more info.


Our classes can help you become more confident on two wheels. Click for more info.

Take the pledge. Earn Bike Month discounts.

Have you taken the I BIKE KNX safe bicycling pledge? If so, you should have received your free I Bike KNX helmet sticker. During Bike Month, many local businesses are showing their support for bicycling by offering discounts or freebies when you bike there and show your helmet sticker to the cashier. You can take the pledge online or at Three Rivers Market and Alliance Brewing Company during May.

I BIKE KNX Helmet Sticker Discount

Participating Retailers


You’ve got a lot of chances to win! We’ll be giving prizes to winners in each of these categories:

  • most personal bike trips* logged via Smart Trips 
  • most social/errand bike trips* recorded via Smart Trips
  • longest bike commute via Smart Trips
  • log at least one bike trip* or commute via Smart Trips during May for a chance to win one of two prizes

 *any trip that replaces a car trip – biking to the movies, store, friend’s house, work, school, church, Farmers’ Market, etc.

 Share your biking photos using #ibikeknx on Twitter or Instagram during May for a chance to win a prize. 

To enter any of the above contests, join Smart Trips and log each time you ride your bike instead of driving. All logs must be submitted by June 3. 

To participate in these contests using a Pace bike, use referral code IBIKEKNX prior to taking your first Pace ridefor $10 in ride credit to help you get started!

Only one prize will be awarded per person


Whatever questions you have about bicycling, we are here to help. Our website has links to local bike shops and clubsbicycle maps and routes, and brochures, including:

Bicycling 101 Series

This series of four brochures covers topics including choosing a bike, carrying stuff, choosing a route, commuting and much more.

Ride Smart

Where you ride is an important part about staying safe and visible in traffic. This brochure explains lane positioning and more.

If you don’t get your question answered there, our Bicycling Ambassadors can step in! Just email us and let us know what you’re looking for, whether it’s advice on the best route from home to work, or if you just need some one-on-one help getting started.